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General stuff / worm-drive
« on: March 25, 2024, 04:21:07 am »
a different take on a worm gear

General stuff / printing stuff
« on: October 23, 2023, 06:55:43 am »
My 2 printers have an issue with printing a nice solid "tooth" if the "tooth" has a pointed end, if I round that end then I get a nice full "tooth" all the way down to the base.
In Freecad the sprocket has a pointed "tooth" and my printers will leave a small hole in the plastic at the base of the "tooth" so I rounded those points off and now the sprocket prints without that small void.

My 2 printers do not print exactly the same, the same file printed on each printer gives me a slightly different part, one printer does the I.D. of holes great the O.D. a little sloppy, the other one is the other way, One printer prints horizontal holes very well, the other not so much, one is faster to print than the other.

I chose to split the sprocket in half and then bolt the 2 halves together, this seems to give me the best run-out and stuff.  I changed the profile a little bit and am printing off some test parts on each printer to see if things are going to be good.

General stuff / permanant magnets
« on: September 17, 2023, 03:12:28 am »
Just putting this out there.
I have held a view for a long time now, after running many tests off and on over several decades, that the permanent magnet is no more a source for the magnetic field than a magnifying glass is a source for light.

General stuff / coil switch
« on: June 14, 2023, 12:56:07 pm »
I played with ways of turning coils on and off a while ago and had one method that I remember was interesting.

I tried to turn it into a motor and a generator but I kept frying my contacts so I shelved the idea for a while.

Any way it goes it started niggling at me again as to whether or not it was working like I thought so I grabbed some coils and wire and a couple of meters and a magnet to test for an electromagnetic field.
So I did a quick test with the coils hooked up like I wanted and fired them up and then used my "switching method" to turn off a coil or 2 depending on how it is configured, I get this done without opening the circuit or shorting a coil.  I could use this setup to move the electromagnetic field around without the need to actually physically move the coils.

General stuff / Skinner
« on: September 03, 2022, 06:21:18 am »
A few observations that I don't see much about.

First is that the film does not show much vibration of the device. 

I would expect with the number of masses that are spinning off center that there would be a fair amount of vibration at least enough so that the brace cables should show some oscillations or at least the power cord coming down from the ceiling would be moving.

Those of us who have built a test-bed should know just how rigid the frame needs to be to hold against those forces.

The other thing is in the behavior of the drive belts going to and or coming from the main distribution shaft up at the ceiling.

The ones driving the tools seem to behave as I would expect when under a constant load, however, the one going to the device behaves to me more like power going into and back out of the device,,, the belt looks like it is slapping.

In one of the still pictures of the window, on the floor it looks like there are some weights that could easily be inside a larger cover pipe that itself may not be very heavy and so the mass distribution of the device may not be what we think.

General stuff / bad hair day
« on: January 07, 2022, 01:54:51 am »
One of my printers has been having some issues,,  well this is what a bad hair day looks like :)

General stuff / input section
« on: December 25, 2021, 06:38:52 am »
this is a pic of the sketcher I used to make the input section

General stuff / NRL
« on: August 22, 2021, 03:44:34 am »
I have been busy with other stuff and told myself that I would not start on the build until next week, well I could not resist the temptation to play a little more with my finger toy test-bed and am printing off a few parts already.

It is kind of exciting when the test-bed does what I think it should do.
I used a few other parts and setup a loaded test of sorts to run a crude check of force paths and stuff so the test is not how it will work, per-say, but does represent the path of forces and motions.

I did this as a basic test of one part that should behave one way but I was not sure that it would behave that way until today and it does behave the way I was hoping it would.

I also learned that printing plastic pivots might be a problem without lube, they are a little sticky.  I was thinking that if I designed everything to be printed then it would be easy for anyone to reproduce my test-bed who has a 3d-printer.

One issue that this setup has is that the output work is not constant, the force and distance relationships change and would require something to convert that into a constant which I do not think I will bother with for now.  It starts out with a weaker force but a longer rate of distance change and then migrates to a stronger force and a slower rate of distance change.  I could set it up to go the other way,, I will wait and see what works best with the test-bed.

General stuff / New Printer
« on: October 20, 2020, 11:18:46 am »
I started to run into problems with my other printer and got rather frustrated with it so I ordered one of these
it was at a lower price for "Prime Day"
This is a short video on how to put it together
and this version of how to level it is better to use
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7qp2BZGiZQ leveling

I am also back to using PLA instead,, certain aspects of it are way easier.

I had a major issue with the new printer to start with and tried a lot of things to deal with it and was about to pack it up and send it back as defective when I thought I would try one more thing,,,,,

I use an extender cable so the micro slot and card are moved to where they are easy to get to, well I have been using a 32G SDHC class 10 card but apparently these cards are not good for the Anet printer, the printer reads the card and prints from the card but then there is a bunch of erratic moves to full extent of any of the drive motors.
I thought this was a defective mainboard for the printer but then I thought what if it is something else,, could it be that the cards are defective??? so I printed the sample prints that came on the micro SDHC card with the card slid into the printer slot directly,, well what do you know,, the print was just fine,,,,  I then found an old 1G flash card from my old camera, it is an SDHC class 10 card, used my micro SDHC to SDHC extender cable with the card and the prints have been just fine.

Makes me wonder if the issue I was having with my other printer is also card related.

General stuff / twofer
« on: June 26, 2020, 02:18:58 pm »
I am going to place the test stuff here.

Right now I have only tested the benchmark setup, I am still making a few more parts for the test-bed itself.

The motor will be run at 3V for all tests.
I am using the same loaded motor with the same 17.2 ohm resistor across its terminals for all of those tests.

The motor with nothing else
0.03A to 0.08A

The motor in the housing
0.05A to 0.08A

The motor in the housing with a second housing output shaft connected directly to the first housing output shaft
0.08A to 0.09A

The motor in the housing with a second housing output shaft connected directly to the first housing output shaft with a motor in the second housing
0.19A to 0.21A

The motor in the housing with a second housing output shaft connected directly to the first housing output shaft with a motor in the second housing and a 17.2 ohm resistor across the second motor terminals
0.29A to 0.31A
Voltage across the resistor

The motor in the housing with a 65T gear attached to the output shaft and the second housing with a 33T gear attached and no second motor
0.9A to 0.11A

The motor in the housing with a 65T gear attached to the output shaft and the second housing with a 33T gear attached WITH motor
0.32A to 0.38A

The motor in the housing with a 65T gear attached to the output shaft and the second housing with a 33T gear attached with motor and a 17.2 ohm resistor across the second motor terminals
0.43A to 0.47A
Voltage across the resistor

General stuff / FreeCad
« on: June 20, 2020, 05:53:04 am »
Found something nice in FreeCad 17.

I have been printing out a bunch of gears and have had issues with the accuracy of my placement of those gears so that I have enough slop to not bind but keeping them close enough to do there job,, well in FreeCad Involute Gears there is an option for "shift" which changes the ratio between the heel and toe of the gear, or is that peak and valley,,, and there is "clearance" that sets the depth of clearance for the valley.

I have been re-printing some gears with these options tweaked and it works so much nicer,, just print, clean up and place them right where they are supposed to be and PRESTO! they work smoothly.

I have been using FreeCad for all my design work and part creation,, it can do way more than I need and I am only using the basic functions but it is nice and easy to use.

General stuff / Picking things back up
« on: April 04, 2020, 06:02:10 am »
It has been about a year since I had to stop playing with my stuff and I am finally getting back to playing with things.

What I was trying to do is simple,, I have been trying to pass an input into a flywheel that is mounted on the end of an arm that is free to move.  This input is from a source that is mounted on the very arm that the flywheel is mounted to and the goal is for me to spin up the flywheel without imparting a rotation into the arm as well.

Some of my prior printed test-bed parts made the move but not all of them,, some tests I need to redo since it has been so long since I did them,, and all that kind of stuff that happens when time passes.

I am not in any kind of hurry so I will take my time and post things when I feel like it :)

General stuff / Petg
« on: March 23, 2020, 10:06:57 am »
It has been a while but I am starting back up on some of my stuff,, well I am now only using my latest printer, I gave the other one away to a relative and have switched over to petg.

Problems, problems and more problems,,,, not so much with the petg but with the printer and getting it setup nicely and THEN,, one of the retainers for the bowden tube failed.

These are just small things but when you are trying to get motivated and making things it sure is a damper on the old motivation.

General stuff / nothing
« on: February 11, 2020, 06:12:54 am »
If you take a pebble and place it in your hand then arrange a few mirrors so that when you look into a mirror you see 2 pebbles in your hand, you see 2 pebbles but there is only one, it is the same pebble but in 2 places at the same time.

You observe the pebble in 2 places, the pebble does not know which place it is in nor that there is another pebble appearing to be along side it.  You can touch the pebble and at the same instant you appear to be touching the other pebble, so which one is the real pebble and which one is the illusion.

If in the beginning there was nothing, not an infinitesimal that contained everything but truly nothing.
Then this nothing observed itself over there, no time no distance and no direction,, just over there.
At that exact moment there would be 2 nothings, the one here and the one over there, but there would also be a 3rd nothing that encompasses the observation of separation, then this 3rd nothing would have an observed inside, for the other two same nothings to observe one here and one over there, which it would then also have an outside,,,
Rinse and repeat and the nothing has become an infinite universe.

A fun fantasy to play with and it raises a simple question, if there was nothing then the first event would also have to be nothing, what could that be?? if it was only the observation, a non judgmental and non-impactful thing, a non-real happening that creates everything by the simple act of allowing an observation to be made.

I end up with a universe that is all connected by the simple fact that it is all made from the same nothing, so why is it not nothing?  Shared observations and communication of those shared observations.
What if it takes 12 shared observations to lock 2 nothings into something, and what if it is only 7 of those shared observations that are common to all leaving 5 observations as not common to all but still shared, say with other observations,, the observation needing to have an observation to share if you will.
Now we have a sense of distance and direction.

Sort of short hand but it is a close enough walk through of my fantasy universe

General stuff / How is your water
« on: October 18, 2019, 03:47:23 am »
This is the closest thing to an ad I will place on my site.

I moved to another state that has bad water, that is it tastes bad, smells bad and has a lot of stuff in it.  I knew this was the condition before moving and had decided ahead of time that I would get a whole home water treatment system installed.  My wife on the other hand was not so convinced that the whole house part was necessary.

I ran into a representative for Culligan at Home depot one day and set up a time for there sales person to come by and test my water.

So the rep was Mike Hepner, aka Detroit Mike,, http://hammondorganco.com/artists/organ-and-leslie-artists/detroit-mike-hepner/
Entertaining as he was I needed no sales pitch but my wife heard what I already understood and jumped on board with spending the money for a whole house system as well as a drinking water system.

With all of this then I have to ask the question: What is in your water?  so the least thing you should do is have your water tested so that you know what is what.  Some states and some areas have really good water, others not good at all and if you do not know that what you have is not good water you don't know,,, you might want to consider finding out just how your water is.

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